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Emergency Service

Emergency Service

Is your garage door hanging dangerously and it's the middle of the night? We offer full 24/7 emergency services

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Gate Repair Services

Gate Repair Services

We are a committed provider of reliable and affordable garage door and gate services.

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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

For lots of useful information about Carper remotes and how different garage door materials can change the comfort level of your home, read our popular FAQ infographic.

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Best service providers in Garage door replacements

Find here a list of the most frequently asked questions on garage door repair. Valuable answers outlined.

What do I need to know about wind load garage doors?

It is notable that wind simply affects all home types. Therefore, if your house is located in an area where strong winds are prone, a wind load type of garage door is specifically engineered in order to meet the requirements of building code. This type of door is generally reinforced in order to meet the building codes in your location.

How can I tell whether my garage door is appropriately balanced?

You can actually do several tests to see whether your door is appropriately balanced or not. For example, you may notice that when you lower down the door, it lowers in a very controlled manner. It also does not slam down automatically. The same pace goes when raising the door.

Should I get new openers when replacing the door?

Garage door opener replacement would be necessary if the new panel is much heavier or the opener is old. Our specialists  can assist you pick the right horsepower garage door motors because this will make the difference to the pace of your door's movement.

Are there differences between extension springs?

They're certainly different in size but they have some variations if they're installed in one panel systems or to sectional doors. They will be placed in a different position but their work is always to counterbalance the weight of the door and pull it to open.

Can a garage door be repaired, or do I need a new one?

Garage doors can be repaired! Our experts offer full repair services for garage doors that need work and will be happy to answer to any questions you might have on the subject.

How do I test the safety sensors?

You simply need to open the door fully and place a paper towel roll on the ground under the door. Then you have to press the button so that the door starts closing. The door must reverse immediately upon touching the roll.

What are garage door photoelectric eyes?

These are sensors mounted by Garage Door Repair Torrance on either side of the installation. They lie about six inches off the flow and operate by sending a beam across the door opening. Thus if the invisible beam is broken during opening or closing by an object then the garage door will reverse automatically.

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